Dampness in Cyprus is widespread and destructive. Not only to the very fabric of your home but also to your furniture, clothes in your wardrobes and cupboards and our health too.

Sadly, we often hear tales of ruined bedding thrown away and damaged walls that need repainting or replastering.

For some though, the health problems are less easy to fix, especially in Cyprus during the winter months.  Heating a home makes the problem worse, driving the damp into and sometimes through the walls. Mould and mildew are just like an infection - once a mould spore finds a damp surface it only needs warmth to start it growing, driving its roots deep into the plaster and spreading across the surface.

Scraping and repainting seldom kill the roots and the mould will grow back through the newly painted wall.

Patching the damp patches is no solution -

                                 if you want to fix the issue, the moisture has to go.

Ebac has been a world leader in dehumidifier technology and design since its formation in 1974.

For 30 years, Ebac has been the UK's leading dehumidifier brand, protecting homes from humidity, damp and condensation, as well as relieving allergies and ailments such as bronchitis and arthritis.

Manufactured and engineered in the UK, our dehumidifiers employ cutting edge technology in Hydrophilic coils, coupled with our unique and innovative defrosting system, making Ebac dehumidifiers the most energy efficient on the market.

Modern house construction in Cyprus, combined with normal everyday activities such as washing, cooking, bathing and drying laundry, creates a big problem of excess moisture in the home.

In the past this excess moisture would 'escape' through doors and windows or collect on a window as condensation.

Today excess moisture creates many problems - damp, mould, mildew, internal condensation - all of which are damaging to our homes if left untreated.

Such conditions have been proved to aggravate Arthritis and Asthma, and provide the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, which provoke an allergic reaction in over 4 million people in the UK alone.

A dehumidifier removes this excess moisture created on a daily basis, allowing us to protect our homes and maintain a healthy living environment.

Single skin walls; concrete floors and ceilings; no extraction in bathrooms and kitchens; poor or inappropriate heating. These can all combine to make our homes very unpleasant places to be in during Cyprus winter.

It is almost as though they are designed for dampness.