When we came to Cyprus we had no idea that a country as hot as this would have problems with dampness.

Just like most ex-pats, we found out the hard way.

Building designs and specifications in Cyprus take no account of this problem and the lack of understanding by architects and developers can cause inconvenience at best and extreme misery at the worst.

Lack of proper insulation and ventilation are the main culprits. Single skin walls, concrete floors and ceilings, no extraction in bathrooms and kitchens. Poor or inappropriate heating. These can all combine to make our homes very unpleasant places to be in a Cyprus winter. It is almost as though they are designed for dampness.

Fortunately we knew someone who had designed a solution.

Since May 2007 we have been the sole selling, distribution and service agent for Ebac Dehumidifiers in Cyprus. 

We have experience with dehumidifiers going back to 1983 when as a salesman for an electrical manufacturer, managing director Ken Bwye sold early Ebac dehumidifiers into the construction and hire industries.

Our small but experienced team will give impartial advice on your condensation and damp problems and recommend the best dehumidifier to solve your problem.

Deliveries are made either personally or via courier, or you may collect from our store at 20 1st April Avenue, Just up from Sirocco, in Paralimni.

Any service or warranty claims are dealt with here on the Island, and spares and accessories can be supplied from stock.

We all produce moisture by cooking, bathing, doing laundry, making coffee and just breathing! Add this to an already high level of humidity, particularly in a rainy season.

This will all pass unnoticed during the day when the air is warmer or when heaters are on. At night the cooler air will not support the same level of moisture. A dew point is reached and condensation is formed on cold surfaces. This is most often on windows or on walls where it will soak into plaster surfaces. Ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew.