Here is where we answer a few common questions about the products we sell and how they can help you and your family.
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Will a dehumidifier fix all my damp problems?

The right dehumidifier will get rid of the excess humidity that is causing your damp problems. It will not fix a faulty roof nor clean mould off of your walls. Using the dehumidifier before things get bad is the best solution - fix the problems by never getting them.


Are dehumidifiers expensive to run?

Not really, about the same as two 100 watt light bulbs or 3.5 cents an hour. If we assume that the alternative is damage to your home, furniture, clothes and your health from condensation then a dehumidifier is very cheap indeed!


Would I need to run a dehumidifier all the year round?

Running a dehumidifier from early October until the spring is generally sufficient as more moisture is generated during the winter weather. It's also better to start using your dehumidifier before the winter starts; this reduces the risk of moisture soaking into your walls. If you do start your dehumidifier part way through the winter it is advisable to run it continuously for around 2 weeks to ensure your home is properly dried out.


What if the dehumidifier dries the air too much?

Unless your settings are wildly incorrect, this simply won’t happen. If there is no more moisture the dehumidifier can’t collect it, plus Smart ControlTM eliminates this issue altogether as it constantly monitors conditions against the “ideal” environment.


How does a dehumidifier work?

The way a dehumidifier works is similar to the way condensation forms on a cold window. A dehumidifier contains a compact refrigeration system which makes it the coldest place in the house. Air is drawn into the dehumidifier where any moisture in the air condenses on the hydrophilic coils and is collected on the easy pour container.


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